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Empowering accessibility in manufacturing with AI 

At this juncture in the early stages of the AI-powered Fourth Industrial Revolution, a lot of attention has been paid to the possibility that millions of workers will be displaced by automation and robots, raising fears of rising unemployment in the years ahead. However, in the manufacturing industry today, the problem is not one of...

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Business Central icon missing from 

You may have recently run into an issue where the Business Central iconlink was missing from A lot of you know that when this happens you can still access your environment through a direct link using your Tenant ID. Example:<Tenant ID> That is a valid work-around, but what if you don’t have a...

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Working with the community at IBC 2019 

Working with the community at IBC 2019 IBC is a great place to see the communities and individuals that make up this incredible industry. Some communities are passionate about creation, others delivery, and even more about monetization. The variety, diversity, and focus across all of these communities are amazing and so is their focus on...

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Azure Media Services’ new AI-powered innovation 

At Microsoft, our mission is to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more. The media industry exemplifies this mission; We live in an age where more content is being created and consumed in more ways and on more devices than ever....

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Retail webinar for September 

The monthly Retail webinar for September was held on the 5th of September and showcased various features, some of which are releasing soon and others that are in the early stage of design. We started the demos with an update to the “Preferred payment methods” feature which allows retailers to define eligible payment methods for...

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Five ways companies are transforming marketing 

Digital transformation is essential to thriving and growing and in some cases, surviving in nearly every industry in every corner of the world. Making that transformation with minimal internal disruption and positive outcomes is the central goal of many organizations. Every organizations transformation must take careful consideration of its past, including legacy systems Read more...

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Strategic Storytelling: Make heroes happen  

Theres a reason Hollywood keeps making superhero movies. The good ones not only provide 190-minutes of action-packed adrenaline, they take us through the heros transformational journey, a quest everyone can relate to, made larger than life. It’s thrilling. A good story inspires us, and we are left rooting for the hero and wanting to hear...

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