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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Banking Accelerator is now generally available 

Financial institutions face increasing competitive pressure to deliver the digital experiences reshaping the way banks do business. Todays customer expects a more personalized, hassle-free experience from banks with mobile and online banking tools rapidly replacing traditional face-to-face interactions. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Banking Accelerator, now generally available, includes an industry-standard data model that enables banking...

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Microsoft makes it easier to build popular language representation model BERT at large scale 

Today we are announcing the open sourcing of our recipe to pre-train BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) built by the Bing team, including code that works on Azure Machine Learning, so that customers can unlock the power of training custom versions of BERT-large models for their organization. This will enable developers and data scientists...

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Join us for the first Windows Containers in Kubernetes “Unconference” 

Since Windows containersbecamea stable feature in Kubernetesearlier this year, weve seenexcitinggrowth in use of Windows container technology. The fact that most cloud providers now have managed services supporting Windows containers through the Kubernetes APIis a reflection ofthe demand. During conversationsamongthe communityatKubeCon+CloudNativeConin Barcelona a few months ago,it became apparent that there needs to be more effort...

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July 2019 update of Dynamics 365 Layout provides locked layouts, improved HoloLens 2 experience 

Applies to: Dynamics 365 Layout (build 109.1907.10002.0) The Dynamics 365 Layout team is pleased to announce the availability of the following features and improvements in the July update: Locked layouts Improved experience for HoloLens 2 Localization support on HoloLens 2 Locked layouts Now you can lock a layout to prevent unintentional changes. To lock a...

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