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Cloud Perspectives

Photography depicts Microsoft's FarmBeats technology uses AI and IoT to help increase farm productivity.

Helping data scientists help the planet

Climate change may be the most urgent problem facing humankind. Extreme weather events—heat waves, drought, hurricanes, flooding—are causing loss of life and widespread property destruction. California endured a record-setting fire season in 2017, including the single largest wildfire in state history. That marker has already been surpassed by the Mendocino Fire this year. According to...

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3 must-have features in cloud solutions that will benefit nonprofits

A recent study by NTEN and Microsoft found that 75 percent of nonprofits now use cloud services for at least three different activities, such as data storage and donor and event management. But the survey also found that cloud adoption is still lagging in many smaller organizations. This is happening for two reasons: tight budgets,...

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The new business imperative: A unified cloud security strategy

As more businesses begin to explore the benefits of moving on-premises data and applications to the cloud, they’re having to rethink their traditional approaches to data security. Not only are cybercriminals developing more sophisticated attacks, but the number of employees and users who can access, edit, and share data has increased the risk of breaches. In...

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Practical application of artificial intelligence that can transform cybersecurity

There is tremendous opportunity to use AIparticularly machine learningto improve the efficacy of cybersecurity, the detection of hackers, and even prevent attacks before they occur. The post Practical application of artificial intelligence that can transform cybersecurity appeared first on Microsoft Secure....

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Finding the signal of community in all the noise at Black Hat

Over the last few years, Microsoft has been expanding and redefining what makes up our security community. We attended Black Hat to help educate our peers on notable vulnerabilities and exploits, and share knowledge following major security events. The post Finding the signal of community in all the noise at Black Hat appeared first on...

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Improving quality control and rescue efforts with IoT

As Internet of Things (IoT) technology gets faster, sleeker, more cost-effective, and more reliable, it’s becoming an increasingly vital component of daily life. At the same time, IoT technology is also becoming more transparent, which means many people may not be aware of its growing impact. One of the most significant examples of this is…...

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Fresh ways to increase efficiency with new Microsoft tools and features

Becoming an agile company means building efficiency into every business function. With the explosive growth of the cloud, there are now countless tools and applications right at our fingertips for achieving this. Almost any aspect of work—from data storage to developer tools to the workspace itself—can benefit. Recent updates to a variety of Microsoft tools...

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Driving data security is a shared responsibility, here’s how you can protect yourself

You’re driving a long, dark road on a rainy night. If you’re driving 20 miles over the speed limit and you don’t step on the brakes when the car in front of you comes to a sudden stop, is it your fault or your car manufacturers fault if you rear-end the car that is in...

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