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Visual Studio updates empower developers to optimize code, build better apps

Creating a better customer experience is at the heart of many organizations’ missions today. To do this, having the right tools to improve productivity is paramount across industries. This holds especially true for building apps and software for the cloud, where changing hardware requirements, evolving user needs, and more mean you must adapt quickly to...

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Storage scales and analysis improves when data moves to the cloud

The need to collect, store, and analyze data is becoming increasingly important for businesses across industries, making it especially vital to secure and manage all that information. Fortunately, cloud-based tools and systems now allow organizations to easily and efficiently handle large amounts of data. As they begin planning for their IT needs in the new...

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How to drive retail profitability in the digital shopping era with advanced analytics

There’s a schism in modern retailing today that’s headline news: Some companies are creating a virtuous feedback loop with deep customer knowledge, while others are driving profitability into a sea of red with generic discounts and endless sales.  Nowhere is this more apparent than with online shopping. Cyber Monday grabs media attention and wallet share,...

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ICYMI: Better app and data tools boost efficiency and access

Welcome to the latest installment of In Case You Missed It! With hybrid cloud deployments gaining in popularity, it is essential that businesses get more control over their datacenter operations, as well as the ability to analyze their customer data and transform it into valuable insights. This week, we’ll be reviewing some exciting updates to...

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Providing personal, efficient care through the power of the Cloud

Healthcare providers have one of the world’s toughest jobs: providing affordable, efficient and personalized care to people who would prefer to be anywhere else than a hospital. Yet the bond between patient and medical practitioner is sacrosanct. We tell our doctors things we might hesitate to tell our significant others, and we’ll heed their opinion...

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ICYMI: Smoother management of data, talent, and containerized apps

In this week’s “In Case You Missed It,” we’re giving a recap of our Business Forward event, where we shared some ways that Microsoft Dynamics 365 continues to be the best tool businesses can use to manage operations on all sides. We’ll also highlight enhancements that streamline application development and the delivery of big data...

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