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Cloud Perspectives

Feeding the world with AI-driven agriculture innovation

In the 1950s and 1960s, plant biologist Norman Borlaug famously led the “Green Revolution,” developing high-yield grains that helped drive up global food production when paired with innovations in chemical fertilizers, irrigation, and mechanized cultivation. By so doing, Borlaug and his peers helped save a billion people from starvation. However, this new form of farming...

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Improve the employee experience with the cloud

The pace of digital innovation has resulted in the transformation of entire industries over the past decade. Companies have undergone a radical shift in everything from the types of products and services they offer to how they operate, strategize, and compete. However, often lost among the rush to replace old processes with new technologies are...

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Smarter shopping with AI

Data science advancements and cloud technology now make it possible for almost any company to adopt recommendation engines. Using mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) technology, recommendations can be integrated with in-store shopping, giving customers a seamless, omnichannel experience. Here’s how, along with a few tips on jump starting this technology at your business....

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Data overload: Are your key insights hidden from view?

Data visualization, a fast and streamlined form of analysis, can tease out insights that were always there but were difficult to pinpoint. It answers business intelligence questions instantly, by serving up graphics that can be understood at a glance. And it often reveals simple answers to the most complex questions....

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Ignite 2018: cloud meets intelligent edge

Microsoft Ignite 2018 was packed with insights on enterprise technology—current and future—with a focus on Security, Data, and AI. The intersection of the intelligent edge (the ability to analyze and act on data close to where it is captured) and cloud computing was also in the spotlight. In his keynote, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella highlighted...

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How the cloud is transforming weather prediction

Today, there’s a large, growing market for precise, relevant weather information to improve business and government operation. Weather predictions have become a significant strategic advantage, helping ensure uninterrupted service, boosting weather-related sales, improving public safety, and reducing operational risk....

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Photography depicts Microsoft's FarmBeats technology uses AI and IoT to help increase farm productivity.

Helping data scientists help the planet

Climate change may be the most urgent problem facing humankind. Extreme weather events—heat waves, drought, hurricanes, flooding—are causing loss of life and widespread property destruction. California endured a record-setting fire season in 2017, including the single largest wildfire in state history. That marker has already been surpassed by the Mendocino Fire this year. According to...

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