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Welcome to the second installment of our “In Case You Missed It” series, where twice a month we share new developments that may have flown under the radar.

This week, we highlight updates with the potential to enhance productivity across teams: a clean new web interface for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power BI features for collaboration and data access.

Also not to be missed, smart-manufacturing supplier Rockwell Automation further demonstrates why they are among the world’s leading companies when it comes to IoT. Some in the manufacturing field are calling their latest capability a holy grail for shop floor automation: real time insights into production data.

Get the details below and check back Nov. 2 for new updates.

Streamlined and secure: App upgrade refreshes UI and eases integrations

This month’s Dynamics 365 update launched with improvements to the business application platform and new user productivity features. The apps’ refreshed interface now includes more consistent color themes, spacing, and fonts, as wells as new containers for related data, making the user experience more streamlined and intuitive. The team also has integrated Microsoft Flow into the user experience and expanded availability across web, tablets, and phones.

Enhancements to the Dynamics 365 applications platform include new virtual entities that allow easy customization and integration of external data without writing any code. Security and compliance also have been improved with activity logging and easy SIEM system integration.

It’s all part of how Dynamics 365 is working to modernize business for the cloud. For more details on specific features and how they can improve the way you do business, check out the announcement from Oct. 6.

Shorter time to insights: Enhanced collaboration, performance, and mobile reporting

In the last couple of weeks, Power BI has released a slew of new features to improve users’ data access and give them more ways to sort through it, so they can get to business insights more quickly:

  • Power BI Premium users now can share dashboards with Power BI Free users
  • A set of features for Power BI Premium that increase flexibility for allocating capacities
  • New filters for phone reports let mobile users sort and analyze data on the go

And these are just a few of the highlights. For a complete rundown of the latest from Power BI, take a look at the team’s blog post.

IoT news: Rockwell Automation delivers game-changing real-time data visibility

At IoT Solutions World Congress, Rockwell Automation shared how it’s giving customers real-time operational insight into manufacturing processes. The solution is a breakthrough in visibility that can facilitate split-second decisions to optimize processes and improve productivity—accomplished by integrating Windows 10 IoT with existing equipment and software, and connecting on-premises infrastructure to Azure IoT.

Get the full story of how this holy grail capability has the potential to revolutionize manufacturing.