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Welcome to the latest installment of In Case You Missed It! With hybrid cloud deployments gaining in popularity, it is essential that businesses get more control over their datacenter operations, as well as the ability to analyze their customer data and transform it into valuable insights. This week, we’ll be reviewing some exciting updates to System Center and Power BI that allow your business to do just this. 

We’ll also look at the latest enhancements to Visual Studio 2017 and discuss how they’ll help your development teams be more productive and efficient. Those particularly interested in Visual Studio news, take note: Last month we announced several powerful additions to the Visual Studio family at Microsoft Connect();, including Visual Studio App Center for shipping high-quality apps more frequently, Visual Studio Live Share for real-time collaborative editing and debugging, and infusing apps with AI. Read our roundup post for details. 

Frequent updates for better performance and reliability

As more businesses migrate their applications and workloads to the cloud, managing and monitoring applications and the infrastructure they rely on will be vital. To help you do this, we have announced the first public preview of the more frequent feature release cycles of System Center, our suite of datacenter management tools for hybrid cloud environments. This means there will be releases twice a year, aligned with the Windows Server semi-annual channel timeline. Businesses also can test new features and more effectively keep up with the rapid pace of cloud development with this faster pace of innovation. 

For more information on the latest System Center release, see our full announcement. 

Improving collaboration with secure data sharing and greater control

Sharing data throughout an organization and network can generate powerful new insights, but it’s important to maintain control over who can access this information. Power BI’s most recent update improves upon its data governance tools by simplifying distribution of apps and dashboards to guest users, even if they’re outside of a business’ immediate network. Using Power BI integration with Azure Active Directory, users can now allow select recipients to securely log into the service while still restricting them from accessing sensitive internal data. 

Watch our informational video to learn more about this new feature, or check out the details on our Power BI blog. 

For developers, update smooths app launches, load times, and mobile experience

Faster and more efficient tools can help your business speed up development time and get ahead of competitors. This is why we’re happy to announce that with Visual Studio 2017 15.5 available today, developers can now load projects up to twice as quickly as before. This improvement leverages the power of multi-core machines, running build operations and other solutions at the same time. This faster, more responsive tool will help developers increase their productivity.  

To read more about the latest features, as well as other Visual Studio improvements we’ve made that are helping developers achieve more, head over to the Visual Studio blog.