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The need to collect, store, and analyze data is becoming increasingly important for businesses across industries, making it especially vital to secure and manage all that information. Fortunately, cloud-based tools and systems now allow organizations to easily and efficiently handle large amounts of data. As they begin planning for their IT needs in the new year, the following announcements show how Microsoft continues to help develop and refine the cloud with tools that reduce the cost of data storage, improve storage options, and simplify the process of analyzing all information.

Optimize costs with scalable storage

Businesses are storing more data than ever before, although much of this information only needs to be accessed on rare occasions — meaning it does not need to be instantly accessible. For instance, while data such as financial records and monthly backups are important for archival purposes, it does not require the same level of access as the more heavily trafficked day-to-day data. As such, this rarely accessed data shouldn’t drive up storage costs.

Azure’s affordable and scalable solutions, including the newly available Archive tier through Azure Archive Blob Storage, can help manage these costs. This storage tier now allows organizations to place and move their data across different tiers based on how often it’s accessed. This gives businesses a much more flexible, cost-effective way of managing data. Head over to the Azure blog to learn more about the new Archive storage tier.

Extend the reach of data analysis

To get the most value out of a cost-effective cloud solution, companies must also have the ability to collect and analyze the data that most closely relates to their business goals. In a recent partnership with Reddit, Microsoft is now offering a new solution template within Power BI that allows users to quickly pull data from Reddit’s communities and measure it using Power BI’s advanced tools. This way, they can gauge their brand’s performance, identify key influencers, and discover more opportunities for growth. To learn more about this recent partnership, the new solution template, and how Power BI’s new features and custom visuals are driving insights, check out the Power BI blog.

As these possibilities demonstrate, effective cloud-based data management is letting today’s organizations keep up with the increasing demands for more information while reducing costs and making it easier than ever to conduct valuable analysis. To explore even more ways Microsoft and its partners are turning the cloud into the best place to put your data, visit