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Cloud Perspectives

Deliver quality apps faster with new features in Visual Studio

With more devices in use than ever before across a wide range of platforms, developers need to have the right software development tools to increase productivity. Whether you are building mobile apps, new business software, or even games, we are constantly introducing new features in Visual Studio that streamline the development process and make it...

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Optimizing urban transportation with technology

Urban gridlock should be an anachronism in today’s world of sleek design, customer data and continual optimization. Yet as any commuter knows, that’s not the case. Fixed workday schedules and driving indignities such as bad weather, car trouble and accidents make driving a challenging experience. Meanwhile, public transportation users must research and navigate their own...

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Visual Studio updates empower developers to optimize code, build better apps

Creating a better customer experience is at the heart of many organizations’ missions today. To do this, having the right tools to improve productivity is paramount across industries. This holds especially true for building apps and software for the cloud, where changing hardware requirements, evolving user needs, and more mean you must adapt quickly to...

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