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Creating a better customer experience is at the heart of many organizations’ missions today. To do this, having the right tools to improve productivity is paramount across industries. This holds especially true for building apps and software for the cloud, where changing hardware requirements, evolving user needs, and more mean you must adapt quickly to remain competitive.

This is why many of today’s most innovative developers rely on Visual Studio. Through a constantly refreshed mix of new features, enhancements, and integrations, companies can use the platform to accelerate development cycles, stay ahead of competition, and meet the evolving needs of their customers.

Enhance productivity with features that boost efficiency

Enterprise developers are constantly optimizing their processes to increase efficiency and productivity. With increased competition and higher customer expectations, even incremental improvements in speed and performance can have a significant impact on revenue. They may even mean the difference between a product’s failure and success.

The latest updates to Visual Studio help your developers optimize code at a granular level with powerful features such as the CPU Usage Tool, Team Explorer, and Azure Key Vault. Improvements to these and a variety of other tools increase efficiency and compatibility across the board. Read more about the details of this update on the Visual Studio blog.

Test to build the best apps for Android and iOS

The new design of the iPhone X, along with the increased capabilities of both iOS 11 and Android Oreo, is giving developers a slew of exciting options when it comes to building better apps. However, new screen sizes, interfaces, and other backend tweaks also present a new set of challenges, especially when time to market is critical to business success.

To simplify this process and help developers take full advantage of these changes, Visual Studio App Center makes it possible to build and test out apps for multiple configurations of devices and operating systems, all without requiring any physical hardware. For more information, check out the Visual Studio App Center blog posts on developing apps for Android Oreo and the iPhone X/iOS 11.

The speed of innovation has never been faster. To learn more about how Visual Studio and Microsoft’s partners are helping organizations keep up with the cloud, visit the Microsoft Cloud Platform website.