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With more devices in use than ever before across a wide range of platforms, developers need to have the right software development tools to increase productivity. Whether you are building mobile apps, new business software, or even games, we are constantly introducing new features in Visual Studio that streamline the development process and make it easy to deliver useful products that meet your customers’ needs.

Increase efficiency through access to powerful tools

It’s also critical to remove barriers between the various tools and platforms that allow developers to produce their best work. Unity, a popular platform for game developers, provides a powerful way to create games that can run on a range of platforms, including mobile, console, and desktops. Although Visual Studio — including the Visual Studio Tools for Unity — is already the default editor on Windows, Unity recently shared that Visual Studio for Mac will be the default for macOS developers, as well, starting with version 2018.1.

Simplify app development and integration

Giving developers a seamless way to work together as they create apps, locate bugs, and deliver updates is an effective way to boost productivity. We enable teams to do just this through the Visual Studio App Center, which streamlines collaboration by supporting multiple languages and offering an interface where developers can easily access the latest version of an application. This puts everyone on the same page, reducing potential communications roadblocks so the focus remains entirely on the product.

Learn more about the Visual Studio App Center’s integrations and how they can improve your team’s collaboration and productivity.


Ensure customers always get the latest updates

Another great way to maintain focus on product features and customer needs is through automation. For instance, determining an optimal cadence for pushing app updates to customers can become time-consuming, taking away resources from more valuable work. That’s why Visual Studio App Center allows you to configure unique metrics that automatically determine when updated versions should be pushed out. This saves development time and guarantees customers receive updates on a regular schedule. Learn more in this post on the Visual Studio App Center blog.

We are constantly creating tools and features that reduce time-to-market and allow developers to build the best products possible. To stay up to date on the latest news about Visual Studio and Microsoft’s work in the cloud, visit