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Cloud Perspectives

3 ways the cloud is improving the quality of healthcare

To some in the healthcare industry, the business case for moving to the cloud is simple: It saves money. In an industry where security and patient care are paramount, however, the prospect of saving money on its own may not merit an overhaul of legacy systems. So the argument for the cloud is not so...

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Build and improve apps intelligently with the right development tools

Every company wants to launch a flawless product on the first release—but software bugs that cause glitches or crashes are an inevitable part of the app development process. A better approach is to provide developers with the best tools available and turn bug-hunting into a collaborative and more efficient process. Recent Visual Studio updates give...

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Newsrooms turn to cloud and data tools to stay ahead of the story

The modern newsroom manages a dizzying array of information. Due to the spread of social media and other communication tools, potential news sources can include almost anyone — from celebrities and corporate spokespeople to citizen journalists and brand influencers. And the speed at which this news travels means journalists must now monitor hundreds — even...

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