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Cloud Perspectives

Performance and productivity in the cloud are two of the leading priorities for developers. To meet the needs of their customers, keep up with industry trends, and collaborate more efficiently with their teams, they demand more responsive features, proactive updates, and strong security.  

Improved developer experiences across platforms

Developers require lighting-speed load times and a seamless experience that provides streamlined debugging across platforms. New updates to Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Studio for Mac deliver all three, with enhancements that enable teams to load solutions more quickly, reduce debug times, and troubleshoot issues more efficiently. A full list of changes is available in the update release notes. 

Updates enhance performance and productivity

Faster performance and higher productivity are top-of-mind for developers everywhere, who require rapid-response updates to fix workflow interferences. In Visual Studio 2017 preview version 15.7, developers will find an improved update experience, including new features and capabilities that enhance productivity, improve diagnostics, and create a better user experience for your developer teams.  

View the complete list of new features and details on how to enable them on the Visual Studio blog 

Safer, more stable cloud migration

Moving to the cloud is a journey, not an event. Sometimes customers need a hand navigating their way to the cloud safely and securely, and sometimes they need a solution that exists on premise and in the cloud—in other words, a true hybrid cloud experience. The Windows Server 2019 preview—available now through the Windows Insiders program—emphasizes Microsoft’s unique hybrid cloud platform with features that increase performance and stabilize data security without sacrificing access. Join the Windows Insiders program to access the latest features. 

Microsoft is continually improving productivity and performance of its tools and platforms. To stay up to date on the latest news about Azure, Visual Studio, and Microsoft’s work in the cloud, visit the Cloud Perspectives blog.