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Cloud Perspectives

The three benefits a social selling strategy gives sellers and customers

Customers have never been savvier. Greater connectivity and access to information has made it possible for them to instantly compare products and services, read reviews and specifications, and confer with friends or family on just about every purchase. As a result, modern customers have become less receptive to marketing pitches and more prone to shopping...

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AI and ML updates across the cloud securely improve efficiencies

Today’s digital marketplace puts a premium on efficiency. Customers expect quick access to new apps and updates, while developers demand more productivity tools and control over data to do their jobs better. Although there are more cloud-based solutions for maximizing efficiency than ever, they have to be user friendly and secure to result in real...

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The case for collaboration: 3 ways you can break down your business’s silos

Communication and collaboration are now easier than ever thanks to cloud technology. Employees can access and use data wherever there’s an internet connection, allowing them to work from home, on the road, or even abroad. Despite these capabilities, however, it’s still common for communication to break down between teams. For example, the State of Georgia...

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