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Cloud Perspectives

How a mindset shift transformed our finance department 

When culture and technology align, transformative things can happen. By shifting its mindset to embrace the cloud-based digital tools of modern finance, Microsofts finance department has been able to optimize internal operations and drive business partners to action. Adopting the tools and techniques of modern finance can increase productivity, impact, and influence for your own...

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Ever-changing customer experiences require an omni-commerce strategy 

Retailers require a strategy that allows rapid upgrades and changes to their commerce systems, or they risk losing customers to competitors. Using a headless architecture built on micro-services is becoming an imperative to enable constant evolution of a platform. The post Ever-changing customer experiences require an omni-commerce strategy appeared first on Microsoft Industry Blogs....

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IT + OT + ML = Intelligent Manufacturing 

Guest Author: Jomit Vaghela | Cloud Solution Architect, US EC Industry, Microsoft In partnership with the National Association of Manufacturers   Factory of the Future. Smart Factory. Industry 4.0. Digital Transformation. Every survey, article, and trend report points to one common theme to fulfill the promises of these buzzwords: Artificial Intelligence (AI). In my view,...

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