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ICYMI: Smoother management of data, talent, and containerized apps

In this week’s “In Case You Missed It,” we’re giving a recap of our Business Forward event, where we shared some ways that Microsoft Dynamics 365 continues to be the best tool businesses can use to manage operations on all sides. We’ll also highlight enhancements that streamline application development and the delivery of big data...

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IoT solutions monitor holiday stock, shoppers for retail insights

For many shoppers, Black Friday is the highlight of the year. But it leaves some retailers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies in a cold sweat. After months of preparation and production, they will try to keep their stores looking pristine and well-stocked. Meanwhile, wave after wave of dedicated deal hunters descend on stores with...

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ICYMI: new features to streamline processes and improve performance

Over the past few weeks, several enhancements for the Microsoft platform have been introduced to move obstacles out of the way, streamline processes and improve performance so developers and companies can focus on the tasks that matter most to their business. The announcements below demonstrate how some of the latest enhancements across the Microsoft cloud...

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Threat trends & tactics from latest Security Intelligence Report

As the cloud becomes an integral tool for modern businesses, it also has turned into an attractive target for malicious attacks. Providing an insightful picture of the threat landscape, the latest Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (SIR) draws from billions of security signals that Microsoft processes in its consumer and enterprise services on a monthly basis....

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Keeping your data secure: Why companies can feel confident in the cloud

Concerns about security and privacy have long been one of the leading obstacles to widespread cloud adoption, according to Forrester. Many companies simply haven’t been comfortable moving their data onto the cloud. However, the expanding capabilities of cloud service providers, along with recent prominent breaches of on-premises data—such as the Equifax hack and the 2016...

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