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Four steps to using data visualization to drive sales and growth

The proliferation of IoT and smart devices allows companies to gather more data than ever. But unless you’re a data scientist, key insights might not come easily from looking at reams of analytics. This is where data visualization comes in. The right tools can translate numbers into discoveries that boost business, using a visual language...

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Three ways you can improve data analysis from data expert Edward Tufte

The world is now awash in data, but that doesn’t always mean we’re better informed. Without a way to analyze and draw accurate insights from this information, we’re prone to making false assumptions that lead us astray. According to Edward Tufte, a best-selling author and pioneer in data visualization, there are a few best practices...

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The three benefits a social selling strategy gives sellers and customers

Customers have never been savvier. Greater connectivity and access to information has made it possible for them to instantly compare products and services, read reviews and specifications, and confer with friends or family on just about every purchase. As a result, modern customers have become less receptive to marketing pitches and more prone to shopping...

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The case for collaboration: 3 ways you can break down your business’s silos

Communication and collaboration are now easier than ever thanks to cloud technology. Employees can access and use data wherever there’s an internet connection, allowing them to work from home, on the road, or even abroad. Despite these capabilities, however, it’s still common for communication to break down between teams. For example, the State of Georgia...

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How Acxiom used SQL server to turn info into actionable insights

Companies spend enormous sums marketing their product—in some cases, up to 24 percent of their entire operating budget. That’s hundreds of billions of dollars. A great deal of those funds are invested in big data solutions. But turning huge volumes of information into actionable insights isn’t a simple matter. Big data solutions have big requirements...

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Improving healthcare, costs, and consistency with data

Hospitals and health systems around the world are turning to data-driven healthcare to provide better patient care while managing costs and driving operational efficiencies. In the U.S., there’s a movement toward compensating health providers based on patient outcomes rather than just reimbursing for services provided—particularly for Medicare and Medicaid patients. All of these changes require...

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Photography depicts Microsoft's FarmBeats technology uses AI and IoT to help increase farm productivity.

How AI is helping solve our biggest environmental challenges

Today’s biggest environmental challenges—including climate change, the loss of biodiversity, water quality, and sustainably feeding a growing human population—are vexing issues without easy fixes. Solutions require a systems-thinking approach and sophisticated tools that allow collection and analysis of vast amounts of data to derive new insights and make impactful changes. Artificial intelligence (AI) already is...

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Cloud tech improves firefighter effectiveness in 3 key areas

Using cloud technology, fire departments are gathering, analyzing, and using information to improve firefighter safety and strategy in unprecedented ways. Real-time data from mobile devices is helping incident commanders develop strategies en route to the fire and improving safety and efficiency at the scene. With cloud storage and analytics, departments are continually learning from the...

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Five Ways the Cloud is Helping Cities Become More Sustainable

Cities worldwide are operating more sustainably, thanks to cloud technology. With real-time operations insights and sophisticated analysis capabilities, innovative solutions backed by Azure Cloud Services are driving continuous improvement and cost savings. These smart approaches to environmental challenges enable government agencies to provide more proactive, responsive, and customer-focused services, with five main benefits: Reduced waste—in...

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