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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Community – Social Software Playgrounds 

It’s the holiday season and I’m checking out some of the CRM communities, adding a video here and a pointer to a great article there. Our group on Linked In continues to grow, driven I think by the need of our partners and customers to be associated with a great product. In Facebook I’m seeing...Read more

Creating a customized Plug-in Template for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 

Today we welcome MVP Bill Ryan from CustomerEffective as our guest blogger. In its basic form, CRM 4.0 Plugin development is straightforward, however it has many monotonous elements. This walkthrough on writing Plugins illustrates many of the repetitive tasks that plugin development entails.  Among them are: Creation of a new Class Library Project Renaming of...Read more

Performance Study – Dynamics CRM 4.0 WAN Performance using Cisco Wide Area Application Services 

The MS CRM E2 and Dynamics Premier Field Engineering team, working in conjunction with Cisco Systems, Inc., recently completed a series of benchmark tests to determine the impact of Cisco’s Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) appliance on the performance of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 across different network profiles: 80ms – 0.1% packet loss – 512K...Read more

Use Shared Data Source for custom Microsoft Dynamics CRM reports 

Meet guest blogger Jim Wang, Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP. He is a technical consultant working for, an UK based consulting company. He has been working on Microsoft Dynamics CRM since version 1.2. Recently I have been asked to modify some reports. In my current project we have 4 environments (Development, Training, UAT, and Production)...Read more

Bio – Stefan Omdahl 

Stefan Omdahl is a developer in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV product group.  He has been working on the Automation implementation for the Dynamics NAV 2009 release, and has been with Microsoft for about five years, on Microsoft Business Framework, Project Fenway, Dynamics AX and Dynamics NAV. The rest of his career has been in IT...Read more

Automation Objects in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 

Overview The Automation object is often used to integrate NAV business logic with external processes and thereby extend the functionality of the product, such as integration with other products like Office. Automation objects must expose a COM interface, and every time we cross a process boundary is worth thinking about performance, but issues that involve...Read more

Happy Thanksgiving from the CRM Team 

Jim Schumacher submits his Holiday portrait and added onto by Mark Harrington. It was drawn on one of the whiteboards on the second floor of our building. Happy holidays, Mark Harrington and Jim Schumacher...Read more

Inline Grids for Sales Orders in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 

In every CRM application I have ever played with there have been areas I have never been proud to show off to customers or prospects. And adding products to CRM’s Sales Orders has been one of those areas for me in CRM since the products inception. While it works well in high dollar low transaction...Read more