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Dynamics 365 Blog

CRM 4.0 Deployment SDK is now available! 

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Deployment SDK documentation has been published to the MSDN download center. This documentation provides the information you need to write code using the Deployment Web service. You can create solutions to do the following: Manipulate the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Organization entity to create and manage organizations. Retrieve and view Microsoft...Read more

Introducing MSCRM Client Diagnostics 

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM  4.0 Client Diagnostics feature is new for the MSCRM 4.0 Outlook Client only. MSCRM Client Diagnostics is intended to aid in diagnosing common issues with Deployment, UI, Synchronization and Offline features. MSCRM Client Diagnostics provides two different modes of operation, End User Mode and Support Mode. The intent of this blog...Read more

Duplicate Detection while creating/updating records in Titan 

Welcome to the next in the series of posts on Duplicate Detection in Titan. In case you missed the action before this, refer to the following posts:- 1) Duplicate Detection – First step towards maintaining Data Quality 2) Duplicate Detection Rules Defined 3) CRM 4: System-wide Duplicate Detection Now you have an idea what duplicate...Read more

Bio Tushar Bhatia 

Tushar Bhatia is a software design engineer with the CRM team in Hyderabad, India. He joined Microsoft in 2005 has been with CRM ever since. He worked on CRM 3.0, CRM v3i (For East Asian markets) and then on CRM 4.0. Before joining Microsoft, Tushar studied Computer Science at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur....Read more

Bio – Jim Schumacher 

Hi, I’m Jim Schumacher. Currently I am a Software Development Engineer in Test working on CRM’s Marketing Automation features.  I began my Microsoft career in 2002 working for Microsoft Defense Messages System (DMS) in the Exchange Server product group.  I joined Microsoft CRM in spring 2006 and helped release Microsoft CRM v4.0, which I am...Read more

Multi-tenancy in CRM 4 

For this blog, I wanted to provide an overview of the multi-tenancy capabilities we added in CRM 4.0. Multi-tenancy refers to a single CRM server being able to support multiple organizations. With CRM 4, you might have noticed that we create a new database called MSCRM_CONFIG. This is what we refer to as “Config DB”...Read more

Bio – Jagan Peri 

I’m the dev lead for the CRM Platform & Programmability teams. I’ve been in the CRM team for around 5 years now with stints in the CRM Platform and Live teams over these years.  Outside of work, I’m into running, reading and occasional golf....Read more

Correcting Acquisition Cost Errors in Dynamics NAV 

One of the top customer questions we receive in the Fixed Assets area is about correcting Acquisition Cost Errors. For example, an acquisition cost has by mistake been posted the 1st of May 2002 instead of the 1st of May 2001. The mistake is corrected by removing the entry with the function Cancel Entries and then...Read more

CRM 4: System-wide Duplicate Detection 

Here I am continuing the duplicate detection story of CRM 4.0 with a new aspect of this feature. Organizations face a common problem where in spite of several policies and guidelines in place users end up entering duplicate data in MSCRM system via data import or data generated during many internal operations or simply knowingly...Read more

Growing Buzz among Microsoft Dynamics CRM ISVs 

I wanted to share the growing buzz about Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Platform adoption among my managed ISVs.  We are seeing a lot more interest and successes in CRM Platform adoption in various vertical industries. See below the first of these success stories and look for more to come in next few days/weeks. Microsoft Dynamics...Read more

Bio – Sanjay Jain 

Sanjay Jain, Dynamics ISV Architect Evangelist, assists Managed ISVs on the East Coast and South Central US to adopt the Microsoft Dynamics Platform (CRM 4.0 “Titan” and AX 5.0). Sanjay’s Blog is more

MSCRM 4.0 Mail Merge Basics 

All, this is my first blog and I am not sure if this is a good format or not. I am attempting to present the MSCRM 4.0 Mail Merge feature in a manner I hope to get you started right away. A Little about MSCRM Mail Merge Mail Merge in CRM was first implemented in...Read more