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How to enable “Add other text to default descriptions” feature in all Countries 

In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 and Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, for certain transaction types in some countries/regions, you can include text in your default descriptions that come from fields in the Microsoft Dynamics AX database that are related to those transaction types. The following list shows the transaction types and countries/regions for which...Read more

Regulatory Feature Update for Poland – Standard Audit File (SAF) 

We have released a feature update for Standard Audit File (SAF) in Poland for Microsoft Dynamics AX. Overview. This updates includes batch processing, bug fixes. Download. AX 2009 SP1. KB3187695 released 23 Aug 2016, includes all previously released updates to the feature, including the originally released KB3165114. AX 2012 R3. After installing the feature (KB3165114) install KB3178394 and...Read more

LCS – Dynamics AX Platform version 7.2 (August 2016) release notes 

The Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services team is happy to announce the immediate availability of Dynamics AX Platform version 7.2 (August 2016). NEW FEATURES Dynamics AX Platform version 7.2 (August 2016) is now available Starting today you can deploy Dynamics AX Platform version 7.2 from LCS. Platform version 7.2 will be deployed using Azure Resource Manager...Read more

Budget Planning using allocations 

In this blog I am going to describe the setup required for automatic allocation examples that can be used within Budget Planning: Distributing budget plan lines from a parent to a child budget plan Copy budget plan lines from one scenario to another using Period Allocation Allocating budget plan lines monthly also using Period Allocation...Read more

Removal of List Component 

In May 2015, we announced the List Component deprecation as a result of SharePoint’s deprecation of the sandbox solution, a dependency of the List Component.  Recently, SharePoint has announced the removal of code-based sandbox solutions in SharePoint Online. Customers using the List Component with SharePoint Online are advised to migrate to the server-based integration immediately...Read more

You receive the error: “One or more items associated with this Item model group are controlled by processes defined for warehouse management and the use of reservation hierarchy. FIFO date-controlled reservations will not be used for these items.” when attempting to set up an item model group and you are unable to set up the item model group. 

If you have the “FIFO date-controlled” option marked on the Item model group and the “Use warehouse management processes” option marked on the Storage dimension group, it would be working as designed that you are receiving this error as you cannot use the two of these options together. To verify if these options are marked,...Read more

When you create a route card journal the resource is not defaulting as the resource group that was listed as the resource requirement. 

  This could be working correctly if the following factors are true: The resource requirement was a resource group. The ‘Update capacity plan’ option is enabled on the journals tab of the Production control parameters form. Previous Route card journals have been posted to meet/exceed the capacity reservations.   When the above is true it...Read more

Changing the automatic scheduling direction when starting a production order that has not been scheduled. 

Historically, there has been no user option or global setup for selecting or defaulting a scheduling direction used for automatic scheduling when the scheduling step is skipped on a production order. However, KB 3070997 and CU 10 for AX 2012 have introduced new functionality that can be used to influence the scheduling direction with the...Read more