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Upcoming change to platform update packages stored in the Shared asset library 

Currently, under Software deployable packages in the Shared asset library in Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS), multiple platform update packages (Platform Update 2 through Platform Update 12) are available in the global scope for customers to download and apply. The platform update packages were uploaded to the Shared asset library so that customers and partners...Read more

Developer Preview – May 2018 Update 

Welcome to the May 2018 Developer Preview update. In this release we have focused primarily on burning down the outstanding bugs reported through GitHub. This milestone contains ~300 events and bug fixes and brings the number of outstanding bugs close to 0. See the list of closed bugs here: We have also added a few small...Read more

GDPR is here: Here’s what you need to know to start your compliance journey 

As the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enforcements come into effect today, it is a great opportunity to reinforce our commitment to privacy and list the resources we have available for our customers and business partners. In our webcast and blog post today, President Brad Smith outlined our commitment to making sure that our products...Read more

What’s new in Voice of the Customer version 9.0.1162 

We are excited to announce the new version, 9.0.1162, of Voice of the Customer for Dynamics 365. This version of Voice of the Customer is compatible with Dynamics 365 version 8.2 and later. This article describes the features improvements and the fixes that are included in this update. New and updated features   Voice of...Read more

Five ways to align sales and marketing 

In far too many organizations, marketing and sales teams often operate as siloed organizations with distinct goals and processes. Marketing busies itself with generating leads and making them available to sales. What sales does, or doesn’t do, with those leads is considered beyond the purview of marketing. Similarly, sales teams maniacally focus on closing deals...Read more

LCS (May 2018 – release 2) release notes 

The Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS) team is happy to announce the immediate availability of the release notes for LCS (May 2018, release 2). Performance and reliability improvements In this release of LCS we have made performance improvements to the Cloud hosted environments page. We have also addressed feedback on improving the load times for...Read more

Microsoft Relationship Sales provides sellers a beat they can sell to 

It’s been a little over year since the Microsoft acquired LinkedIn. There is still a lot of curiosity from sellers who use LinkedIn to research sales opportunities and Microsoft for productivity about how the two organizations are coming together. While there are many possibilities for this union, tackling the familiar challenges of sales professionals was...Read more

Happy 2nd Anniversary to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations 

On March 21st, James Phillips, CVP of Business Applications, shared details of our Spring 2018 release, including version 8.0 of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. This release is shipped with many feature-rich updates that you can learn about in our Spring release notes and see in action by viewing the Virtual Launch of...Read more