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Quickly respond to changing retail needs with an intelligent supply chain 

Truly engaged, always connected As digital commerce continues to evolve and become an integral revenue stream for retailers and consumer goods companies, it is paramount for these companies to digitally transform their supply chain as well. They need the agility to rapidly plan and adapt to changing customer needs, use AI and machine learning to...Read more

The power of CDPs: building customer trust and loyalty in retail 

Truly engaged, always connected The events of 2020 have left a lasting impact on the retail industry and retailers are fueling rapid innovation with development and rollout of new technologies. The global pandemic has shifted how customers buy, as well as renewed recognition of the critical value of technology to customers. Convenience, flexibility, and personalization...Read more

Enable a new level of B2B digital sales excellence with Dynamics 365 Commerce 

Truly engaged, always connected At this year’s NRF, many retailers are taking the time to reflect on the learnings from 2020 and the road ahead for 2021. It’s hard to believe that only 12 months have passed since we disclosed the general availability of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce, which was the evolution of our proven...Read more

NRF 2021: enabling retailers to reimagine the road ahead with Microsoft Business Applications 

Truly engaged, always connected The past year has brought complex challenges for retailers of every size, and in response many have quickly pivoted their businesses to adjust. With store closures during lockdown, retailers leveraged Microsoft Dynamics 365 to facilitate new purchasing options for their customers, such as shipping from stores and click and collect. Once...Read more

Microsoft at NRF: the changing landscape of retail 

With NRF Chapter 1 starting this week, many retailers are looking to 2021 with one prominent thought: what’s next? Microsoft Dynamics 365 will again play a prominent role in Retail’s Big Show with new announcements and showcasing customer agility and innovation amidst a very disrupted market. It’s clear that 2020 was a year where the...Read more

How Agic Technology deployed Supply Chain Management in 2 weeks to help Invitalia fight the pandemic 

Setting up or overhauling a supply chain operation has traditionally been an arduous, complex process. Now, by deploying modern, intelligent cloud applications like Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, organizations are demonstrating just how rapidly one can transform operations, especially when guided by the right experts. Invitalia, the Italian national agency for economic development, provided a...Read more

Digital selling helps Grant Thornton engage clients at scale 

This year, I’ve shared inspiring stories of organizations responding to adversity by building digital resilience into the fabric of their operations and cultures. A common thread between these organizations is the agility to be better prepared for change, as well as the ability to stay focused on putting customers first. That’s why it’s apropos to...Read more

Fraud trends part 2: holiday fraud and account protection 

In this blog series we are exploring the latest fraud-related events and issues on the rise in our digitized world. The first installment in the series explored account takeovers (ATO) and the $7 billion yearly loss affecting even the largest organizations. In this post, we are examining three current trends contributing to increased fraud in...Read more

How healthcare organizations can share information securely 

With the global disruption of the pandemic, healthcare organizations are particularly challenged to promote telehealth services and engage patients and providers while adhering to strict compliance and security regulations. Marketing automation and customer data platform (CDP) tools such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights are expanding the ways in which...Read more

5 takeaways how a company turned needs into opportunities 

In today’s modern sales environment a trend is surfacing among B2B sellers and buyers: the desire for more authentic, personalized relationships. But despite the desire for personalized relationships, purchasing involves more people than ever, and successful sales require sellers to navigate an increasingly large group of stakeholders. While increasingly large groups of stakeholders may create...Read more

3 unique success stories—building resilience into the supply chain 

Even before the pandemic, organizations across industries, from manufacturing to retailers, felt the squeeze to modernize supply chain operations. The historic supply chain shock of 2020 has accelerated the need to both respond to immediate disruptions while building resilience into every layer of the supply chain. In the past, rapidly overhauling a supply chain operation...Read more