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Currently, the standard cost is only SKU specific for purchased Items. In order to calculate manufacturing variances it is necessary to have the following fields, which are only present on the Item Card: Single-Level Material Cost, Single-Level Capacity Cost, Single-Level Subcontrd. Cost, Single-Level Cap. Ovhd Cost, Single-Level Mfg. Ovhd Cost. In order to handle a...Read more
This article handles another common issue, seen when handling documents containing Item Tracking lines in NAV 2009. In this instance, the problem affects Sales and Purchase Invoices and occurs when splitting the relevant shipment or receipt lines and then posting the invoice. Both solutions should be applied where appropriate, as the issues affect similar aspects...Read more
In NAV 2009, there have been issues posting some documents containing Item Tracked lines. This entry brings together 3 KB articles which address these issues, with the intention that a system could be patched with all the relevant fixes at the same time. When encountering the following generic error, users can refer to the articles...Read more
This is the first in a regular series of blog entries covering different areas of SCM functionality in NAV and is intended to make you aware of related issues, when applying solutions, as well as additional resources which are available. In this entry, we will discuss a common query which is reported, concerning the use...Read more