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Angel Shimelish

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Dynamics 365


a man wearing a suit and tie
a man wearing a suit and tie
Finance professionals have long been technology pioneers, a fact which they rarely receive credit for. From electronic trading platforms to online payments to cryptocurrency, finance has pioneered digital technology in the workplace for decades. To move finance forward into the next decade, finance professionals need to focus technology investments on AI-powered automation and new analytics...Read more
Over the past twenty-five years, there’s been a dramatic shift both in the role that technology plays in most businesses, as well as how it’s managed. While technology spending was once primarily consolidated in the IT department, today’s technology budgets are generally distributed across the entire organization. In fact, an early 2018 IDG survey found...Read more
Is your on-premises ERP solution holding back your business? Most likely, according to new research made available in our new eBook on the advantages of cloud-based ERP. More than 60 percent of surveyed companies still rely on an out-of-date ERP solution—at least five years old—which can act as an anchor, impacting profitability by dragging down...Read more
It’s a new era. We’re ten years removed from the peak of the financial crisis, a new generation has transformed the workplace, and every business is now a “technology” business. The rules of the game have changed. Organizations that fail to evolve join a graveyard of companies that were out-innovated by young, forward-thinking businesses. And...Read more
Migrating to the cloud with Microsoft Dynamics 365’s enterprise resource platform (ERP) is a smart, strategic move to help ensure the long-term health of your company. Here are some efficiencies that organizations across a diverse spectrum of industries and sizes have reaped by implementing a cloud instance of Microsoft Dynamics 365’s ERP: Greater ROI One...Read more