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This document gives an overview of necessary fields and setup description of the German Intrastat report for Dynamics AX 2012 R2. For further details about the declaration and in cases of lack of clarity, please contact ‘Statistisches Bundesamt in Wiesbaden’. Dynamics AX 2012 R2 Intrastat documentation.pdf...Read more
     This article is an addition to the blog post‚Beginning-ending balance control‘. After getting back the ‚Belgium feature‘also for other countries we detected that the calculation for field‚Balance+journal‘ is not working correctly. A debit-posting leads to an addingwhile a credit-posting will be subtracted. The calculation has to be the otherway round.                             ...Read more
Der er frigivet et white paper Guidance for complying with XBRL/iXBRL in Denmark with Microsoft Dynamics ERP. Dokumentet beskriver hvad XBRL/iXBRL er, der er en forklaring på reglerne bag, fx hvem der skal indrapportere i XBRL format og hvornår. Derudover kan du finde forklaringer på de to afleverings muligheder der er, nemlig: Regnskab Basis og...Read more
In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 the function ‘Beginning-Ending balance control’ which has to be set up in General ledger/Setup/Journals/Journal names is in general connected to a legal entity localized in Belgium. With two little changes in AOT it is possible to use this functionality for other countries as well. Please see attached documentation Beginning-Ending balance...Read more