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Written by: Paul White, Senior Director, Microsoft Dynamics ERP Today at the sold out Directions EMEA 2013 conference in Vienna, Austria, we announced the upcoming availability of Microsoft Dynamics…...Read more
Written by: Stephen Fowler We often speak about how technology can change the way we work. From a business perspective, the technology behind Microsoft Dynamics has helped companies improve their efficiency…...Read more
Written by: Joel Cherkis Consumer-grade, high-tech services are a growing part of the civic experience From a customer service perspective, if your government were compared to a private sector company…...Read more
Written by: David Pennington Empower your People and Reap the Rewards In a previous post , we talked about the ways Microsoft Dynamics is reimagining business applications, by making the experience…...Read more
Is it time for you to do the same? Understanding and retaining customers is critical to the success of any organization. This concept is the core tenant for customer relationship management (CRM…...Read more
I was in Los Angeles July 11-14 for WPC 2011 and got a chance to meet with many of our Microsoft Dynamics partners and to host a Value keynote session on the opening day. I found the mood around the…...Read more