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When installing cumulative update on 8.0.4 on Tier II sandbox environment you may experience the error: “The running command stopped because the preference variable “ErrorActionPreference” or common parameter is set to Stop: Unable to resolve dependency ‘dynamicsax-applicationfoundationformadaptor’.” This due to the fact that there is a X++ code released in Demodatasuite model where we changed...Read more
The emails notification will not be send if email template will not be set up on the workflow configuration: Depend on if the workflow is global or company related there are different ways you need to set it up: For the company related workflow you need to set it up in:  Organization administration > Setup...Read more
You can export many thousand lines to Excel from MR reports. In this way we do not hit the design limitation in Dynamics 365 for Operation when we export 2000 lines. For illustrational purposes, the default report Ledger transaction list will be used. The report is generated for period 12, base year 2014. It is...Read more
We have a situation when Microsoft Dynamics AX Power BI financial pack on all the reports shows zero. The account structure, fiscal year and all other data was imported correctly but the transactions were always showing zero. This due to configuration in Dynamics AX you need setup value for System currency and exchange rate type...Read more
You can get error “Cannot create a record in Open bank document (BankReconciliationDocumentOpenTmp). The record already exists” while running advanced bank reconciliation journal on Microsoft Dynamics AX (7). To fix this error you need to install application hotfix KB3170675...Read more
We got a couple of issues when on the purchase requisition workflow how the [Purchase Requisition Lines.Category] is evaluated in workflow conditional statements. While we expect to see it like that: The issue is connected to DEL_ProductCategoryId field which also has label category and it is not connected to Category hierarchy For more details please...Read more
Sometimes when a user tries to save an invoice line or submit a PO he gets error: ” An error occurred during update. The State of the source document or source document line could not be updated” The following query in this scenario triggers a query that access the TaxUncommited table.             select crossCompany * from...Read more
After we installed May CU for SharePoint 2013 (15.0.4823.1003) we were not able to log with Forms authentication users and the error (404) In SharePoint log we could see the error: Exception trying get context compatibility level: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: The site could not be found in the Web application SPWebApplication Name=DynamicsFormsSTS – at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite.LookupSiteInfo(SPFarm...Read more
The issue occurs when installing the Enterprise Portal on a claims web application, so actually you will also face the same the issue on SharePoint 2010 when using claims. The issue only impacts Safari browser; in IE or Firefox you will not see the issue. There are two solutions to this issue to install Enterprise...Read more
We got several requests when user where complaining that form resets. Ie. User was selecting the customers on customer page, we could see that suddenly the page resets and only first customer has been selected. We could also see the issue on some forms when user fills data in. Suddenly all data disappeared. When we...Read more
If some of the users experience the issuewhile running an auto report even with minimum amount of data, that can because by the client configuration used by the user. Usually you can see thatfor some users the autoreport works very fast while for the others it takes minutes. To solve this issue you can try:...Read more