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After running the step “Create a form-based Security Token Service site” of guide “Deploy an Enterprise Portal site that uses forms-based authentication [AX 2012]” we create provider with Add-AXSharepointClaimsAuthenticationProvider. The problem we sometimes have that signing url which will assign to this provider will look like http://machine_name.fqdn:port/_layouts/<provider name>/Login.aspx (i.e. ) which is OK, but not...Read more
As described here Configuring the Lookup for a Data Set Field [AX 2012] you can change how lookup look like. What you can also do you can range to the lookup to show i.e. only rooms which are in service. Following X++ shows how to achieve this: void dataSetLookup(SysDataSetLookup sysDataSetLookup) {     List list = new...Read more
When the property AllowMarking is set up to true on AxGridView then it will always come with first row marked. Although it can be good in some cases but when we are adding the items to purchase requisition we do not want to have a first item already marked. To not get the first row...Read more
There are some tips we can use to improve performance of reports for Dynamics AX 2012. Use static reports. The deployment of static reports is described here: In this way we will safe several calls to Metadata service to get labels values and correct formatting of dates and numbers. Install application hotfix KB 2879661...Read more
Couple of times we saw the issue while running axsetup.exe to install Enterprise Portal that is failing with error: Entering function CurrentUserAlias Leaving function CurrentUserAlias Creating new Enterprise Portal Site with following the parameters:\n URL:\n Title: EP Site\n LCID: 1033\n OwnerLogin: CARYNT\spdax Administration Web Service URL: http://daxextst01:10000/_layouts/ep/WSSAdmin.asmx An error occured while Setup was creating...Read more
Lately we encounter problem when integrating CRM connector with Dynamics AX 2009 EE layer. While running map AX Enumerated Values to Picklist you getting error in CRM Connector. The map does not synchronize correctly and the values are not available. To overcome this issue you need to install hotfix for EE GLS layer. The KB...Read more
In the old X++ framework (Dynamics AX 2009 and earlier) when you wanted to display company logo on report you could use display method on table. In Dynamics AX 2012 that would not work. For RDP reports you could add CompanyLogo field into temporary table and then fill it in Data Provider class (for details...Read more
A Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 report with a new parameter added to the contract may fail with the following error: The ‘ParameterName’ parameter is missing a value For example: The ‘SalesPackingSlipHeaderDS_FromDate’ parameter is missing a value   This error is thrown because no value is provided for the parameter in the contract while it is...Read more
Sometimes it can happen that Microsoft Dynamics AX client will crash while posting intercompany invoice. The crash happened when WPF post a message within a window proc. The root cause is way too many window messages (over default limit of 10000) are posted while the system is busy.   Immediate actionable work around for customer...Read more
In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 the width property set up on column is ignored when is lower than length of label. The issue in this case is the length of the label. You cannot set a default column width that is smaller than the label. This is because labels are different lengths in different languages,...Read more
Sometime ago I run into following problem. I followed step provided in msdn article: After that I have generated Precision Design and I have edited it to display parameter values with which the report was run:       I printed report in NL-BE language – parameters are not translated:       b. use the new created...Read more