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The policy for SOAP Web Services in NAV 2013 states that they always run in EN-US culture. In NAV 2009 it was reported a buggy scenario that was solved in build 32558 and upcoming ones (remember) However after collecting some feedback a workaround was built for NAV 2009 (remember 2) This workaround was temporary as product team did...Read more
After collecting Partner’s and Customer’s feedback about the changes introduced on build 32558 regarding Web Services (remember), DEV team has decided to introduce a way of avoiding them if desired.  In order to do so a new feature has been introduced on build 33137 (KB Article 2667345), this new feature allows you to add a...Read more
Recently a Hotfix has been published that have solved a “buggy” scenario in which under some circumstances Web Services Language depended on the Role Tailored client language used on the last session. This was impacting the date format and was unpredictable so Development decided to set EN-US as language by default for Web Services.  This...Read more