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Dina Apostolou
Sr. Director, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Product Marketing
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Building resiliency: the essentials for selling digitally to B2B buyers 

Like so much else in our lives, B2B sales are going remote. The months of sales teams working remotely from home have increased longer sales cycles and in-person engagement. “The world was already changing before COVID-19,” Chris Weber, Corporate Vice President of the Small, Medium and Corporate segment for Microsoft, told me in a recent

How the Miami HEAT digitally transformed their fan engagement 

My family and I more than welcomed the return of professional basketball during the long summer months of 2020. While my beloved Seattle Supersonics are, sadly, no longer around (and rooting for their new incarnation as The Oklahoma City Thunder won’t be an option), a recent conversation with Matthew Jafarian, EVP of Business Strategy at

4 ways Microsoft is a leader in customer lifecycle management 

It’s safe to say there has never been a time like the present. We have seen changes in how we conduct business, in our customer’s business, and in our lives as consumers. With Microsoft partners, we are empowering organizations to adapt their business processes to respond to changes in real-time, retain and stay connected to

Gartner positions Dynamics 365 Field Service Magic Quadrant Leader 

Field service technology is transforming quickly, evolving at an accelerated pace, and that evolution is significantly impacting how we work, what we work on, and how we best serve our customers. As technology speeds forward creating greater efficiencies, it is also pushing cutting edge technologies into the mainstream. These technologies not only streamline processes and
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Quick start guide to workforce transformation: helping you respond 

COVID-19 has upended every level of “business as usual.” Companies are scrambling to meet changing customer needs while figuring out their own remote workflows. In this current climate, there’s demand for new solutions that are innovative, agile, and empathetic to business’ and customer’s unique situations. Microsoft Dynamics 365 was built on a commitment to provide
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Webinar series: stay connected and engaged with customers 

Social distancing has forced us all to rethink the way we engage with customers. At every customer touchpoint—from marketing to sales, service and support to finance and distribution channels—companies should use the opportunity to reinvigorate relationships by delivering personal and empathetic communications. COVID-19 has put pressure on companies to start taking advantage of technology to
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Create a resilient organization for now and the future 

While COVID-19 rapidly changes the way we live and work, organizations all over the world are facing daunting challenges. Businesses are undergoing significant internal changes to accommodate newly remote workforces while reacting to seismic shifts in customer needs and behaviors. As the Microsoft Business Applications team adapts to the crisis, we want to share some
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4 essential capabilities to make the most of AI in the workplace 

To realize the benefits of AI, your business needs more than great technology and great data. That’s a given. You need tools and applications your employees will actually use that empower them to quickly develop solutions that drive efficiencies. Then, as they become more familiar with AI, that help them confidently reach for bigger outcomes.

Defining customer experience and customer engagement 

Technology is fueling seismic changes in customer expectations. Research shows that customer expectations continue to rise year over year, while businesses continue to struggle to meet these ever-changing expectations. In response, many businesses are transforming how they understand and value the customer over every channel across the entire customer life cycle. Customer experience and customer

New Dynamics 365 integrations across Adobe Experience Cloud advance sales and marketing capabilities 

We know that your business success is directly tied to how well you are equipped to respond to your customers in a digital environment. That’s why we’re pleased to continue delivering progress on our strategic partnership with Adobe. Our joint efforts are helping enterprises transform their customer experiences, and drive more efficient business processes. Together