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Hello all viewers Thank you for the great support you have shown us. All the blog writers in EMEA are now moving over to post on our Global Microsoft Dynamics AX Support Blog Site   Add this new site to your favourites and spread the word.   Best regards EMEA Dynamics AX Technical Support Team...Read more
Sometimes we are getting question how to set up user access to user is able to view Enterprise Portal but also able to personalize the page. To achieve it you need to do following: 1. Log into Enterprise Portal as site collection administrator 2. Click Site Actions > Site Settings. 3. Under Users and Permissions...Read more
The idea is to add new extra field into schema definition and into whole AIF process but do not have this field part of table or query. It could be simple “counted” field. For now, we will start with new table and new query. When you generate document services by wizard, make sure that Generate...Read more
One of our technical writers, Margo Crandall, has posted the list of new and updated content for Dynamics AX on TechNet and MSDN for the month of November 2011. For a list of topics consult her blog post at   Previous posts: October 2011 September 2011        ...Read more
Consider the following scenario: – You have one Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 AOS instance fully configured, and users are able to open reports from the AX client connecting to this instance. – You now add an additional AOS instance. – Users connecting to the additional/new AOS instance get the following infolog error when trying to...Read more
The idea here is that you want to re-use the role centres page by renaming it and re-assigning it to a user profile. We were following through However when trying to do this we came across a few errors. What we tried first was to duplicate the page by going to: http://servername/sites/DynamicsAx/Enterprise%20Portal/Forms/AllItems.aspx?WCMP=DMO we looked...Read more
In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 consider the following scenario: If, the Business Connector User account (bcproxy) specified under, System Administration > Setup > System > System service accounts if different from he user account associated with the application pool identity assigned to the web site hosting the Enterprise Portal (EP), Then when a user browses the...Read more
As mentioned in this blog it is possible to have multiple instances of Reporting Services on the same computer. This is meant in situations to support development and production installations of Microsoft Dynamics AX, or to support multiple production installations of Microsoft Dynamics AX. When there are different instances of Reporting Services for AX2012...Read more
Recently we ran into an issue where the “Check Upgrade Readiness” step in upgrading from Dynamics AX 2009 to Dynamics AX 2012 failed with the error/stack below Error executing code: ReleaseUpdateTransformDB50_UnitOfMeasure (object) has no valid runnable code in method ‘initTransformationJobs’. (S)\Classes\ReleaseUpdateTransformDB50_UnitOfMeasure\initTransformationJobs(C)\Classes\SysCheckListItem_CreateShadowTables\populateScripts – line 20(C)\Classes\SysCheckListItem_CreateShadowTables\main – line 38(C)\Classes\MenuFunction\run(C)\Classes\SysHelp\processMenuFunction – line 85(C)\Classes\SysHelp\processStandardLink – line 26(C)\Classes\SysHelp\processOnEventNavigate – line 40(C)\Classes\SysHelp\onEvent_BeforeNavigate2 –...Read more
Some time ago we get several problems with Help Server. Simply when we wanted to access help from Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2012 client we get following problems: 1. Error: Unable to contact server http://ServerName:Port/DynamicsAXHelpServer/HelpService.svc To troubleshoot this problem you need to check on client if you are able to access the help server service from...Read more
Hi everyone, Updated and new content for Microsoft Dynamics AX has been posted to TechNet and MSDN. We have published many new topics again this month. The following table contains links to each group of topics within the post. Audience Approximate number of topics published Security role reference 88 System Administrator topics 35 Application User...Read more
Some time ago we run into strange problem when running Vendor add justification workflow (VendRequestNVJTemplate). After creating Vendor Request in Employee Service we can see it in Procurement and sourcing > Common > Vendor Requests > Vendor Requests Pending Approval where the request gets approved. The problem is that after approving the Vendor Request we...Read more