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Power Automate Process Mining empowers warehouses to boost their efficiency significantly 

Every warehouse manager is keen on improving the processes on the warehouse floor. But where to start? What to optimize? It is far from easy to discover the bottlenecks. This is where the Power Automate Process Mining comes really handy. In the 10.0.35 release we ship the integration of Supply Chain Management Warehouse module with Power Automate Process Mining. This integration gives some really valuable insight into the material movement in the warehouse. 

Accelerate Warehouse management implementation with new pain-free experience 

In this release, we're thrilled to showcase several major themes that will take your warehouse management to new heights. From label printing enhancements to a modernized user experience for setting up your warehouse, and even innovative methods for importing data while maintaining configuration, this release is packed with game-changing improvements.

Printing Labels Using External Service with Dynamics 365 – Warehouse Management 

Barcodes and shipping labels are essential components in the supply chain landscape. They play a vital role in ensuring accurate inventory management, product tracking, and streamlining processes. Shipping labels are particularly important for navigating shipments complex global supply chains while maintaining end-to-end traceability. QR codes have also become a valuable tool for companies to engage customers and track their products worldwide.
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Warehousing telemetry now available in Supply Chain Management 

Telemetry is a crucial tool in monitoring the performance of a system to generate actionable insights that can improve productivity and optimize users’ experience. New telemetry data in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management helps provide insight into the activities and general health of your Warehouse Management tenants and devices, so that you can diagnose problems and analyze operations that affect performance.