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I want to describe few tips about filters usage in Dynamics NAV RTC. This can be useful for users who worked with classic client and came to RTC. In Dynamics NAV Classic Client we can construct filters in filters window using following operators: ..   Range &   And |   Or <   Less than <=   Less than...Read more
My colleague Lars described in BLOG post “About Object Metadata, and why I can’t see object changed in RTC” and explained how to troubleshoot metadata update problems.With current post I’m trying to overview whole process and make it more clearly for all. So we have few moments I want to clarify in beginning (something like...Read more
Periodically we receive support requests with questions about available printers list in NAV. Especially about situations when this printers list includes or not includes some printers unexpectedly and issues especially comes when there is used Microsoft Terminal Servers or Citrix. Situation changed when NAV developing team replaced previous used GetProfileString to winspool function EnumPrinters. This...Read more
In “old good classic” NAV we have feature (and property) named AutoFormatType. Together with property AutoFormatExpr we can set decimal to any format we need.This could be done in the way: we describe new AutoFormatType in the codeunit 1 in function “AutoFormatTranslate(AutoFormatType : Integer;AutoFormatExpr : Text[80]) : Text[80])”For example I can describe that i want to have...Read more
Last time i published this article i received many claims as compliment too. Claims about “NAV doesn’t work after this installation” and compliments about “this is very good for test or dev environment installation”. So after one claim i removed article, and now added again (with minor modifications), but now mentioning in the begin: this article purpose...Read more
In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 we have new feature named “Defining the Time Zone for Web Services“. You can read about it at . The same feature exists in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1 since build 31926 with KB 2443436.  However we have few support requests when NAV developers or users don’t know...Read more
In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 in new Role Tailored Client we have new feature – we can show lists in “tree view”. We can expand/collapse nodes and make lists more interesting and more visual. However this new feature isn’t documented very well and every developer needs to collect his own experience. With this article I...Read more
I have collected few tips maybe could be used in NAV 2009 developing.Don’t claim me too much if this looks to easy… 🙂 Files managing on RTC pc.In C/AL we have statements for working with files like: EXISTS(<File_Name>); RENAME(<Old_File_Name>,<New_File_Name>); ERASE(<File_Name>); COPY(<From_File_Name>,<To_File_Name> ) . But this is working only on CC, as on RTC these statements are...Read more
Periodically we receive support requests about XMLport errors, which really are missing features in xmlport’s functionality.However most of these requests are rejected because: xmlports are not supposed to fulfill all possible xml standard scenarios.So there always will be xml file which can’t be created or readed by NAV xmlport.Possible workaround could be to use XML DOM automations. Create...Read more
Recently i met customer problem where NAV 2009 SP1 components didn’t work after “correct installation”. Problem is: customer installs NAV 2009 SP1 components by run msi file – for example “Microsoft Dynamics NAV SDK.msi”. But this way doesn’t install “Prerequisite Components” needed by NAV 2009 SP1. And it could be these installed NAV components will not...Read more