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James Galvin

Principal Program Manager, Dynamics 365

James manages a team responsible for the implementation of industry data models within Microsoft for use by customers and partners. In this role, James and his team develop industry solutions which are packaged and open sourced on GitHub under the Microsoft Industry Accelerators. At Microsoft, James has worked in the Microsoft Cloud and AI division on a range of cloud services within Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Azure. Prior to joining Microsoft, James held leadership roles in product management and software development at several technology and consulting companies including IBM, Oracle, and PwC.


Business owner setting up open sign in cafe window
Business owner setting up open sign in cafe window

Governments are increasingly turning to data to address their most urgent issues. But many struggle to unlock the value of their business data to meet the challenges facing their communities. Housing, economic recovery, public safety, and infrastructure are more complex, requiring coordination and data-sharing among many departments and agencies. Read more

Insurer cover
Insurer cover

The Dynamics 365 Financial Services Accelerator now includes a preview designed for the insurance industry. When you sign up for the preview, you’ll be able to check out an insurance data model, sample app, and dashboard that covers both property and casualty insurance, as well as life insurance. With the Insurance component, insurance companies, agencies, Read more

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