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I’ve had some questions come in lately regarding the use of the “Block editing” function in the Bill of materials setup (Inventory management | Setup | Inventory and warehouse management parameters). This is a useful tool, that allows a little more control of approved BOM’s. However, it can be kind of frustrating for the approver,...Read more
I’ve been getting some questions lately concerning the “Block editing” of routes functionality in Dynamics AX (Production control | Setup | Production control parameters). This is useful functionality, in that it allows a little more control for the shop floor managers and others to be able to lock down the routes from just anyone editing...Read more
There’s a little trick, or rather, limitation, to using financial dimensions with Lean Manufacturing. You can get the dimensions to come through for most everything in the process by using the correct setup, having the right defaults on the products, etc. However, you might have noticed that some of your costs at the end of the process...Read more
Ever run into an issue where you’re looking at a location in the on-hand window, and you see that no inventory exists for that location, however, there is a financial amount in the window. Sometimes, it’s not a big amount, maybe just a couple of cents, but there is an amount in there with no...Read more