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New rules (new sales tax codes 60,61,62) for VAT report in Sweden 

Import VAT From 1 January 2015, VAT-registered companies that import goods account and pay sales tax on imports directly to Tax Department, instead of today to the Customs Department. The new rules for import VAT means that the VAT deductible sales tax paid and reported to the same authority. In most cases, this will involve
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New procedure for submitting Intrastat returns in Belgium as of 2015 in Microsoft Dynamics 

We have released a country-specific update for Belgium to enable the Intrastat report supporting the new XML format in Microsoft Dynamics AX2009 SP1, AX2012, AX2012 R2 and AX2012 R3.  Overview The Intrastat report is used to report all physical movements of goods in the EU community. When goods are transferred between one company’s warehouses that