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Following up on our previous posts, this is the latest edition of the NAVDiag tool, aimed to inspire and simplify your customer service. The tool is for on-premise installations only, but we hope this can help increase the efficiency of your customer service and free more time and resources for product tasks, like migration to...Read more
In the previous two posts, Automation Part 1 and Part 2, we talked about how to easily bring PowerShell into Dynamics NAV. Based on the applicability and interest shown so far we wanted to continue on the previous thread and address some of the suggestions we received, as well as add some functionality. We called the...Read more
This is a continuation of our previous post, with further examples of how to utilize Windows PowerShell from Dynamics NAV. The samples provided here just demonstrate how easy it can be to integrate the two, so you can build on this using any of the great (Dynamics NAV) PowerShell tools out there from a familiar development environment....Read more
The Coffee Break Team is back, and this time we will unite the best of the two worlds and show how we can utilize the power of Windows PowerShell, using your favorite application: Dynamics NAV. While we do recognize that scripting complex PowerShell tools and modules is not to everyone’s taste, C/AL is something we...Read more
  First, let me start by saying that based on the evidence so far: It is. Significantly. A number of the changes to the Dynamics NAV 2013 architecture contribute to the performance boosts that many of the test have shown. To outline some of the changes: Middle tier is 64 bit We are no longer using cursors but MARS...Read more
Due to many and frequent questions on the topic of performance when exporting to MS Excel on RTC, I’ve summarized some of the answers in this blog to try and explain the impact of running MS Office automation objects on RTC . Let’s start with Stefan’s excellent blog on automation objects and considerations running server/client side: As...Read more
With introduction of RDLC reports, we’ve seen number of questions being raised recurringly around  specific reports’ features, or lack of them. We’ve tried to collect the most recurring ones in one place and hope you might find this useful. if you have questions and/or answers you think should be added to this list, please share them...Read more
Some of you might have run into scenarios that a report that runs for some (acceptable) time on classic client takes far longer time on RTC or simply even errors out with OutOfMemory kind of exception. Some have also asked what the limitation to number of records sent to RTC is, when experiencing this. Well,...Read more