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Have you ever wonder what ‘The client version does not match the server version. You can only connect to a server with a matching version.‘ error message really means? Since the error message shows the file (build) versions of the client and server it has been speculated that only clients and servers of the same build can...Read more
Since Cumultive Update 1 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015, we have not provided the socalled ‘hotfix directories’ in the hotfix download, but we know that some people have a need for these folders. So in November 2014, we published this blog post with guidance for how to use a Windows PowerShell script that gives you the same...Read more
As a follow up to my previous post, we are happy to announce that, from build 32942, the hotfix releases will detect if objects need to be recompiled and prompt you to recompile accordingly. This will happen when importing incompatible fobs files or when applying new platform hotfixes. If you try to import fob files...Read more
If you have recently applied a new hotfix and start running the RTC right away, your RTC client might eventually get disconnected, and a new log on the service tier host machine can appear stating that a new Exception of type “System.ArgumentNullException” has been raised. This can usually happens if you were trying to run...Read more
Sometime ago I have promised to publish the numbers used in NAV for the data types. These numbers are used all over the system, but are more visible when encoding record links (please refer to my post about encoding record links). This list contains the data types that are available in Tables in NAV 2009...Read more
You can experience some problems if you set a value on the ‘CaptionClass’ system tables on NAV 2009 or NAV 2009 SP1. This can also happen if you had already a value on one of the ‘CaptionClass’ system tables on previous versions, and you upgrade to either NAV 2009 or NAV 2009 SP1. Problems can...Read more