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When running the command [AxUpdatePortal -updateall -websiteurl “…” -verbose] on the EP server it sometimes happens that the execution fails with error:The operation failed to execute. Error: Microsoft Dynamics AX could not locate the Web server… In the Application event log you find a Warning with Event ID 1309 from source ASP.NET 4.0.30319.0: 3001The request...Read more
When working with AX 2012 projects in LCS (Lifecycle Services), the option for adding Work Items from LCS is missing after completing the setup of Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) integration. When creating a Dynamics AX (AX7) project and doing the exact same setup, then Work Items can be created from LCS and stored in...Read more
When you deploy a cloud-hosted Dynamics AX 2012 demo environment from Lifecycle Services (LCS), the password for Administrator is fixed and well known. We have discovered that this causes unauthorized usage via RDP and hackers can use it to spread viruses and malware.   After the AX 2012 demo environment has been deployed to Azure,...Read more
  When setting up AX 2012 Enterprise Portal (EP) in a multi-server web farm, then setting up AppFabric caching is required. This is for caching session info. When installing SharePoint 2013 it is recommended to use the prerequisite installer to install AppFabric, ref section “Plan for the Distributed Cache service”. Note: If you are...Read more
This is a follow-up post from my main blog on How to install AX 2012 Enterprise Portal in a multi-server web farm: In this post we talk about how to UPDATE your Enterprise Portal (EP) deployed on a multi-server SharePoint 2013 web farm.   Pre-requisite: When you browse to the load balanced URL it will be resolved...Read more
  This blog post is written to clarify some steps in the installation guide when you install AX 2012 Enterprise Portal (EP) in a multi-server web farm. NOTE: It is important to follow the installation guide and use this post as additional complementary info. Under section “Before you begin”: Install and configure Windows Server...Read more