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Marketing and sales, two departments whose successes have always been inextricably tied to each other, are beginning to collaborate in ways that are at once unprecedented and vitally needed. Instead of…...Read more
We talk a lot about evolution around here – of our goals, our approach to the customer experience, our business. At this year’s Convergence conference, business transformation and development…...Read more
Trek Bicycle Corporation is a customer I’ve always enjoyed working with – in my experience the company is genuine, innovative and visionary when it comes to how they use technology to create…...Read more
January is notorious for reflection, resolutions, and spending time thinking about how we get ourselves – and often, our businesses – to the next level. For some of us that might mean reprioritizing…...Read more
Over the last couple years, I’ve spent time with a few of our customers in financial services and have been fascinated to learn how the culture is evolving along with the industry, and technology…...Read more
Sharing our customer’s stories is a favorite part of my job, and today we’re highlighting a great one – Sutherland Global Services – a leader in business process and technology management services…...Read more