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Microsoft and Futurum research: Discover insights to create experiences that customers love 

In partnership with Futurum, we surveyed 1,000 global business leaders, technologists, marketers, and data and customer experience professionals, and identified the challenges and opportunities that best-in-class data practices afford customer experience (CX) leaders today. The findings revealed what we had surmised going in—that companies are evolving their customer relationship management (CRM) technologies to meet changing customer expectations.
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Dynamics 365 government accelerator helps agencies deliver mission-focused digital government services 

Governments are increasingly turning to data to address their most urgent issues. But many struggle to unlock the value of their business data to meet the challenges facing their communities. Housing, economic recovery, public safety, and infrastructure are more complex, requiring coordination and data-sharing among many departments and agencies.
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Achieving personalized engagement in Business to Business organizations 

The business-to-business (B2B) landscape looks drastically different than it used to, thanks to digital acceleration that has reached every corner of our lives. Today’s B2B buyers, accustomed to fast, frictionless, and personalized experiences in their everyday lives, bring those heightened expectations to their roles as business decision-makers in enterprises large and small. To adapt, B2B
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Gain a new perspective with Dynamics 365 Connected Spaces 

If you look around at your physical and digital environments, data is everywhere. Despite this abundance, organizations have struggled to capture and scale observational data, leading to less visibility into their physical footprint than their digital channels. Powered by the intelligent edge and the intelligent cloud, AI and computer vision are transforming the way we