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I have recently worked with customers whom leverage Workflow for Vendor Invoices so that when a Vendor invoice is received and entered into Dynamics AX, the Vendor Invoice needs to be routed through a Workflow process before it can be posted. This customer also utilized Three-way matching for Vendor Invoices against Product Receipts. However, some...Read more
I have worked with several partners and customers inquiring on how to setup and configure the possibility of Subcontractor processing with Lean Manufacturing in Dynamics AX 2012. Based on these conversations, I’ve taken the time to document an example of a scenario of using Subcontractor processing with Lean Manufacturing in Dynamics AX 2012. In the...Read more
I recently worked with a customer whom was in the process of implementing the Production control module in Dynamics AX 2012 R3. Specifically they were trying to figure out why costs weren’t being estimated on Production orders for Components\Raw materials that used a FIFO valuation methodology. Specifically, the scenario was as follows: –  The finished...Read more
We have customers inquire around how to use Master planning with Lean Manufacturing in AX 2012, specifically around creation of Production flows\Kanban rules in a way that Master scheduling will create Planned Kanbans for Firming like any other Planned Order. I’ve created a scenario below that involves the following: Creating a new Finished good item...Read more
I have recently done some investigation in regards to the accounting transactions taking place during the posting of BOM journals in AX 2012 R3, and have found that there is a difference in the accounting transactions taking place in AX 2012 R3 vs. what was experienced in earlier versions of AX 2012. Please consider the...Read more
Working with a partner on implementing WHS processing, we encountered issues with getting the Put location to be assigned from the Resource Input Location when creating Raw Material Picking work from a Production Order in Warehouse Management processing. We had the following scenario: –  We were operating on AX 2012 R3 CU8. –  We had...Read more
This article will describe the interaction between Capacity reservations when you use the ‘Locked for rescheduling’ function in the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Production Control module. Assume that you have the following scenario: Finished good item FG. Component item COMP. Finished good item FG has a BOM configured where the COMP Item is a component. Finished...Read more
I have worked with several customers whom have experienced errors when running AX 2012 reports involving Multicurrency transactions where the error message reflects: “An exchange rate cannot be found for exchange rate type ZZZ between currencies XXX and YYY on exchange date.” At initial glance, the error message does not appear to be appropriate and...Read more
I have recently worked with partners and customers utilizing Transportation Management but without intending to use Warehouse Management. There were general concerns with this is there are functions within Transportation Management that seemingly assume that correlating Warehouse Management Setup and Configuration be intact. For example, assume that you want to utilize Rating and routing functionality in Transportation Management...Read more