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Safiyyah O’Quinn
Safiyyah O’Quinn
Product Marketing Manager, Dynamics 365 Field Service, Dynamics 365 Remote Assist

Field Service Palm Springs: Modernize service operations 

We’re excited to return to Field Service Palm Springs 2023 from April 25 through 27. We invite you to join us, along with our partners, to discover how Connected Field Service using Dynamics 365 Field Service and IoT can help create a seamless service experience that enhances customer satisfaction while boosting revenue.

How to build a modern field service organization 

Field service organizations have traditionally operated under the break-fix model—that is, responding to a device failure after the customer reports an issue. This operating model has grown antiquated due to rising costs and inefficiencies in labor and operations. It is also proving less than effective in satisfying the customer’s growing expectations. The field service industry

3 ways to turn your field service operation into a revenue-generating machine 

For decades, companies have relied on skilled technicians to repair equipment and engage with customers in the field. While these technicians were often the only representation that the customer would see, their skills, processes, and systems were seldom seen as critical aspects of the company’s revenue cycle. Until recently, many field technicians or field service

2022 release wave 1 brings true mobility to field service management 

The pandemic has greatly influenced the way we work. For many of us, the option to work from home was a relatively smooth transition. Video calls, instant messaging, and other digital tools filled the colleague collaboration gap—replacing in-person meetings and chats around the water cooler. Office-based workers overcame a few technological speed bumps; however, business

4 key elements to a successful field service transformation 

A successful digital transformation requires weaving together technology, data, process, and operational change. If one of these domains fails to make the grade, your entire transformation may be in jeopardy. These four domains have one thing in common and that is they rely on people and what they bring to the table. It’s the people

Microsoft is named a Leader for Field Service Management 

The past year has cultivated many personal and professional changes. No person or industry has been untouched. Even field service has embraced seismic changes as a result of the ongoing global pandemic. For many field service organizations, being dispatched to the customer’s location to diagnose and resolve an issue became more complex than ever before.