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Shyla Thompson
3 min read

AX Content: Search for all things Microsoft Dynamics AX 

I do it. And I’m sure you do it too. We get into a habit of only using the search tools that we’ve always used. You might use Google, I use Bing…but, did you ever wonder if there were other ways to search for AX-specific information?  Wonder no longer.
1 min read

AX Content: Country/region-specific help content 

If you are a partner and work with customers who have companies across the globe or if you are one of our customers who has companies in different countries or regions, be sure to check out our country/region-specific application user help content on TechNet for AX 2012.
2 min read

AX Content: Curating Microsoft Dynamics AX Resources 

Today, people are flooded with more information than they can possibly take in. For example, a quick search on for “Dynamics AX 2012” will get you almost 3 million results. How can you find all of the important information that you want about a specific subject without spending loads of time searching the web? Curah!