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Sergey Shvedov, Principal Group Manager, Globalization, Dynamics 365, Globalization
Sergey Shvedov
Principal Group Manager, Dynamics 365, Globalization
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Tax calculation enhancements are now available for Dynamics 365 

Today, we are excited to announce the general availability of tax calculation for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Over the past three decades, technology has made the world smaller. The steady drive of globalization and digitalization has pushed through significant headwinds—such as market protectionism, global recessions, and, most recently, a global pandemic—to change the way we live
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Update for our customers using Russian payroll capabilities of Dynamics AX 2012 R3 

We have made the decision not to invest in transitioning the Russian payroll capabilities in Dynamics AX 2012 R3 over to Dynamics 365. However, we’ll continue to support existing Russian payroll capabilities for organizations on an Enhancement Plan during the mainstream support and extended support through October 12, 2021 and January 10, 2023, respectively. For