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Included in MPOS and CPOS are two methods for extended logon functionality: logging in by scanning a barcode or by swiping a card with a magnetic stripe reader (MSR). Setup for these are described here: One shortcoming of the out-of-the-box functionality, however, is that each of these methods only allows for five significant digits...Read more
This is a follow-up to a previous article I wrote about modifying labels and strings in Enterprise POS.  The process is similar in Modern POS (MPOS) and Cloud POS (CPOS) but different enough that a new article is warranted.  Additionally, since that article was written we have added a couple tools to make this more...Read more
Dynamics AX For Retail Enterprise POS (EPOS) has functionality to email receipts but the implementation of the feature has a few tradeoffs: Email does not get sent immediately at the conclusion of the transaction.  Instead, the process goes like this:  1) a transaction is uploaded to HQ (via P-job); 2) it gets calculated on a...Read more
We get a number of questions on the exact steps needed to create and deploy customizations to the Commerce Runtime (CRT).  Here is a step-by-step process to get up and running with a very simple customization.  These steps should work with both 2012 R3 and AX7 versions of the Commerce Runtime Method 1:  total replacement...Read more
You may have noticed throughout 2012 R3, R3 CU8, and R3 CU9 that AX hotfix packages are quite a bit larger in size than they used to be.  This is not really a problem for most non-Retail environments:  if you’re deploying a hotfix to a series of AOS’s, AX Clients and your model store, unzipping...Read more
I’m happy to announce greater availability for a set of training videos that I created for Commerce Data Exchange (CDX) Async Server and Async Client.  The content clocks in at around three hours and is a fairly comprehensive walkthrough of the technology.  It is primarily focused on the IT Pro audience, but developers and end...Read more
One of the main features introduced in AX for Retail R3 was the unified pricing engine in the Commerce Runtime (CRT).  The exact same code is compiled and deployed to Enterprise POS, Mobile POS / Retail Server, Online Store, and the new Call Center.  Furthermore, the source code for the entire pricing engine is included...Read more
Update (2015-08-13):  If you are using the 2013 R3 CU9 demo image you may run into the same error with a (much) different root cause and workaround.  Please see this post for notes on how to fix that issue. If you are using the Dynamics AX demo image ( you may have seen this error...Read more