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Navigate to the Project -> Asset library to which you want to import the solution. See below, I have 0 models in the asset library Navigate to Solution package and click on “Import“ After successful import you will see the imported solution in the list of Solution packages....Read more
There are two options to create an LCS Project and work on behalf of the customer: Prerequisite: You must be a Cloud Solution Provider partner who has recently sold the new Dynamics AX to a customer Option 1: After you associate the required number of licenses to a customer tenant, click <Customer name> > Service...Read more
How to buy the new AX using VL/EA channel? Note:  Steps 1 through 9 is applicable for customers who are new to Microsoft online services and if the customers PCN is NOT associated to a tenant. However, if the customer’s PCN is already associated to a tenant because you are an existing Microsoft online services customer then, the AX...Read more
We will be deprecating Application hotfix in asset library with the next update of LCS to pave way for an improved servicing experience. Please make sure you download and backup an data you may have uploaded to LCS....Read more
I have a demo deployment with demo data. Now, how do I use the demo users that Microsoft ships for my demos/trials? Its easy, follow these simple steps: 1. Understand the demo users and the personas. Microsoft ships 55+ demos users with the demo data. These users can help you mimic various personas. Picking the right persona for your demos...Read more
I have multiple cloud environments in LCS (40+ created for trainings etc) and I want to quickly connect to multiple environments or I want to get to RDP files for these environments. Is there an easy way to do this instead of going to the environment page for each environment from project dashboard. Yes, once you...Read more
Firstly, you need an offer code to enable Dynamics AX for your organization account. For this, if you are an existing customer you can find details on how to get to the preview offer code from here and partners can find the details here. Secondly, you need to be an administrator or you need to work...Read more
You can deploy a trial instance (one box) to Azure using LCS deployment experience and with your customization, database backup, GER configuration, retail packages and getting started business process library. To do this, first go to Asset library in you LCS project and upload all the assets. Press done and hit “Deploy”. After a few hours...Read more
The Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services team is happy to announce the immediate availability of the January release of Lifecycle Services. NEW FEATURES Cloud hosted environments now supports the deployment of Dynamics AX 2012 CU10 for non-demo topologies.                                 Configuration manager...Read more
The Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services team is happy to announce the immediate availability of the December release of Lifecycle Services. NEW FEATURES Microsoft Dynamics AX Public Preview is here! The public preview of Microsoft Dynamics AX is now available. You can now sign up and deploy a cloud instance of Microsoft Dynamics AX, based on...Read more