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Sherry Zheng
Principal PM Manager, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Manage attribute-based omnichannel sales pricing  

Pricing is one of the fundamental tools to boost supply chain profits by better matching supply and demand. Many businesses have started to reform their pricing strategies in recent years as a result of the growth of e-commerce and the constantly changing business environments in order to improve pricing transparency, supply chain agility and margin optimization.

Streamline and automate rebate management to increase margins 

Offering your customers and vendors rebates and royalty deals is key to building brand loyalty and has a measurable impact on your company’s margins. Rebates also influence your product pricing strategy and impact accruals, payments, deductions, and revenue. However, keeping track of rebate and royalty programs and calculating them accurately can quickly become time-consuming and
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Increase visibility into inventory across your supply chain 

To run an effective manufacturing and distribution operation, you need an accurate understanding of your inventory and where it’s located along the supply chain. What’s more, having clear visibility into your inventory has become critically important as organizations shift to omnichannel order fulfillment and distribution and therefore need to manage inventory located in multiple places