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Sunny Wong (MSFT)


I recently have a data import slowness issue reported taking days to process without finishing even in batch run in parallel.  This issue could occur with any entity import especially for new company go-living or with no data in the target entity.  The impact is exponentially worse when more data is imported, so I would like to share...Read more
I recently have an incident with the same timeout error mentioned in the blog in below that customer would like to run report exceeding 4 minutes in EP. The same steps are used to extend the AsyncPostBackTimeout attribute except that AxScriptManager is searched/modified instead of ScriptManager in the master page mentioned in the blog. We...Read more
I recently came across a case where the printer destination settings dialog typically used by report to select print destination does not show up. The cause we found is that an exception occurs when Dynamics AX client queries existing printer from hosted machine.  The code is from Forms\SRSPrintDestinationSettingsForm\printerMap() at line 30 which is a call...Read more