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The AI-powered contact center, part 3: Build powerful conversational AI solutions 

With Power Virtual Agents and Nuance Mix on the Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform, organizations now have a single platform for conversational AI tooling covering the needs of use cases, from the simplest chatbot to the most complex, hyper-personalized digital experience. From no-code and low-code to pro-code, we look at when to choose each solution.

The AI-powered contact center, part 2: Achieve superior self-service voice support 

To meet rising customer expectations, modern interactive voice response (IVR) systems must offer intelligent self-service and seamless agent escalation when needed. We look at the vital role of conversational IVRs in the digital contact center, and how the Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform helps organizations engage customers in their channel of choice while increasing self-service.
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The AI-powered contact center, part 1: Create engaging digital experiences 

Today’s customers expect more engaging, personalized service experiences from the brands they choose. They want intelligent self-service that offers always-on digital convenience. And they expect agents, whether human or virtual, to not just know who they are, but to already have an idea why they are reaching out and how to help. That’s why we