Great News for Microsoft Dynamics NAV customers with release of SP1

As you might have seen earlier today, the Dynamics ERP team had another great announcement come out today, announcing the release of the SP1 of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009.  From the role-tailored features that are really getting partners and customers alike excited about this product to the 70+ enhancements in this version, although it’s technically labeled a “service pack,” the early feedback from the Dynamics community is that this is a great release for existing Dynamics NAV customers, as well as mid-market organizations to grab a hold of.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV has an incredibly vibrant and active partner community in countries around the world, and has the largest install base of the Dynamics ERP products.  And with the great success of the NAV 2009 launch last year, this service pack was eagerly anticipated by the worldwide community to move to—but we suspect that those customers who *were* waiting until SP1 will be in for a pleasant surprise when they see all they get. 


Once you’ve read the release, head over to the Dynamics NAV page on the website, or for existing partners and customers, head over to PartnerSource and CustomerSource respectively and check out the new features for yourselves.


Congrats to the NAV team on an outstanding release, er, service pack!