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With the addition of another new building, executive briefing center, and enough plants to cover a football field now settling in, the Microsoft Fargo campus is a beehive of activity, and is rapidly becoming an important global hub for the entire organization.  Whether it’s the Microsoft Dynamics GP team, or a whole host of support, development, and services resources, Fargo is on the map—and with upcoming visits by Steve Ballmer and the Governor of North Dakota in the coming weeks, Fox Business News just taped a segment about the campus, how Microsoft and Fargo are coping and beating the recession, and all the other going’s on as well—you can see it here.


I was just in Fargo myself last week, and for customers and partners, the Executive Briefing Center is as nice as I’ve seen at any Microsoft facility—so I’d both urge and invite our GP and Dynamics communities to take advantage of this facility and see what’s happening in beautiful Fargo, ND!


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