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As we continue our fall events momentum at Microsoft, back by popular demand is the 3rd Annual Microsoft Government Contractor Summit to be held on November 17 in Fairfax, VA.  Geared exclusively for CFOs, CEOs and VP of Business Development Executives from Government Contractor Organizations, attendees are sure to be enriched by insightful knowledge with the event agenda including a session on – Financial Management for Government Contractors Powered by Microsoft Dynamics SL presented by RSM McGladrey. 

The Event features Industry experts who will lead discussion on the impact of President Obama’s transition on government contracting. Best Practices to land federal government contracts and managing government reporting requirements will be shared. As you can see, this event is content rich – providing breakout sessions which include executive insights into planning for growth, exit strategies centering on acquisition and the Obama Transition’s impact on Government Contracting. For our Government Contractor customers using Microsoft Dynamics SL, they tell the story best on the value this Dynamics ERP solution provides to Government Contractors in meeting compliance with specialized accounting rules/procedures, cost allocations and reporting requirements to name a few.

Visit a here to learn more on how CALIBRE, a government contractor with U.S.$100 million in annual revenue, primarily from contracts with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Improves Reporting, Efficiency While Ensuring Contract Compliance with Microsoft Dynamics SL.

Eldita Ginger
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

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