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Have you had your fill of Windows 7 news yet?  Not us here on The Edge, perhaps for obvious reason…but it's hard to escape the Microsoft PR machine these days on line, on TV, and in print touting the great benefits of this exciting release.

Now our goal here is not to reiterate the great press, news, and excitement around this launch, which has to be the best reviewed product any of us can ever remember from the company.

Instead it's to talk about how tied into the development and release that the Dynamics organization (both CRM and ERP) have been.  The press release from the Dynamics PR team alludes to this, but it's an important one to highlight in light of how the Windows 7 development cycle has been studied.

As I think we all know too well, the way that the Vista operating system was developed and then released was very Microsoft-centric, which left partners trying to play catch-up, and missed a lot of great innovations and designs that Windows 7 has since fixed.  Indeed, some of the commercials running on the new product feature "customers" who submitted ideas for the product that eventually made their way into the release–a great way of showing how customer-centric the release actually is.

It's significant (and worth a blog post we feel) then to note that this partnership extended not just to PC makers and consumers, but other operating groups as well–including Dynamics.  With the Windows operating system providing the foundation for all of our ERP implementations, it's been important to work with the Windows team on key features, administration, speed, performance, scalability, and many other issues that have an impact downstream on our ERP customers.

The partnership has paid great dividends, as Dynamics products across the board in the beta process have been put through their paces on the new platform, and tuned and modified to ensure that our customers who adopt the Windows 7 platform get the most out of their investment in Dynamics ERP.

So while it's an exciting time for us here in Microsoft, we hope all of our Dynamics ERP customers, partners, and prospects also take advantage of this excitement and jump on the bandwagon with us, there's plenty of room!

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