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Great finish to a great day in London yesterday as over 700 attendees came, saw, and conquered a grueling day of PowerPoint presentations, Q&A’s, partner exhibitions, and product demonstrations across the Dynamics CRM and ERP product lines.


Feedback from the event has been amazingly positive from the attendees, and given that the event sold out, the UK team is already thinking about larger venues for a potential return visit next year.


Following the keynotes we had a lot of highlights throughout the day to share with those of you who are not able to join us at upcoming stops in Vienna, Frankfurt, or Rotterdam (side note—only a few tickets left in Vienna and Frankfurt; Rotterdam is sold out as well, with rumors of caravanning busloads of “Belgiums” coming up the autoroute from Brussels).


Great presentations on The Microsoft CRM, AX, NAV products, and a strong GP presence rounded out the track sessions, as we covered vision for the products, upcoming releases, extending current investments, and tips and tricks to get more use of the current product.  The day ended with a number of different business oriented sessions, in addition to the always popular executive Q&A, where we have the chance to put the Dynamics executives on the spot and let the audience ask anything on their mind.


Overall a great day that we intend to replicate over the next 1 ½ weeks in the three cities above, and eventually making our way to Atlanta for the big North American event in April, 2010. 


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